Step by step guide to creating floral letters

DIY Mother's day floral letters

Step 1. Gather your materials

You will need:

Unfinished wooden block letters…buy here!
Faux Flowers
Acrylic paint color of choice + paint brush
Glue gun

Step 2. Paint your letters.  You can skip this step if you want, but  we chose green to act as ‘grass’ in case the flowers allowed some of the wooden letter to show through.

Step 3. While allowing your paint to dry, you can start removing the stems from your faux flowers.  We were able to simply pull some of the flower buds from the stems, while we needed to cut some others.

Step 4. Now to the most fun part of this DIY!  Using your artist abilities, arrange your flowers in the most pleasing way to you and glue away!

Step 5. Hang and enjoy!

These floral letters don’t have to be for mom, they can be used for a number of events, centerpieces, and backdrops.  We’d love for you to comment how you would use these letters below.



The easiest wreath you’ll ever make!

Summer Wreath DIYAre you ready for the easiest wreath you’ll ever make?



Wood vine monogram initials…buy here!
Glue gun
Flower vine…we purchased ours from a local flower shop
Acrylic paint in your color of choice + paint brush


  1. Paint your monogram and allow time to dry.  We used a thin coat of acrylic and it was completely dry in about 10 minutes
  2. Glue your flower vine to the outer ring of your monogram sign, hang and enjoy!

Told you it would be the easiest wreath you’d ever make!

15 minute family name monogram DIY

This video shows step by step instructions on how to make a quick and easy custom family name sign for your home.

Materials needed:

1. Metal Unlimited Family Name Wood Sign…buy here!
2. Adhesive acrylic
3. Exacto Knife
4. Patience & a steady hand

Step 1. Measure your vinyl and cut to correct size
Step 2. Peel away paper backing from vinyl and lay your sign face down on the sticky side of the vinyl
Step 3. Use your exacto knife to cut away the excess vinyl from the wooden sign
Step 4. Once all your vinyl is cut away, add any embellishments to your sign and hang it
Step 5. Enjoy!



Our Process

This video follows the step by step process of making our metal signs.  We take pride in our products, and work very hard to make sure they are the best quality before sending them to our customers. We hope that this video will provide a little insight to you, on exactly what it takes to produce these custom signs…enjoy 😁