Tricky Pluralization how-tos!

Personalization in our opinion is one of the best parts of life!  To personalize something is to transform it from ordinary and common to something one-of-a-kind.  Being from the South, we get the personalization bug early on, starting with the clothes they carried us home from the hospital in.  There is nothing we love more than to slap a  monogram or a name on something!  I’m serious, people monogram their vacuum cleaners! (okay I haven’t personally seen anyone do this, but I’m positive someone somewhere has)

ANYWHO, what I mean to say by rambling about personalization is, we KNOW how to do it right! 😉  The best way to take ANY gift (except maybe the vacuum cleaner) to the next level is to add some, you guessed it, personalization! 🙂

Here is a little visual guide to help you out when making your personalized decisions:

monogram guide


Pallet add-on–how to order!



Currently we are only offering the pallet add-on and full assembly of a select few products on our site.  This means that you may order these products and select to have the pallet added and we will assemble the sign to the pallet for you—and it will ship as ONE finished piece.

We realize that several people have bought signs already and would like to add a pallet as well, or would like to mount a different sign than the ones we are offering—so We ARE offering an option of buying just  the pallet and the hardware so that you may assemble it yourself!

To purchase JUST a pallet + hardware click HERE!

To purchase an assembled sign/pallet combo please scroll:


The Monogram Initials Sign is available in 7 different colors, and customizable with your monogram.  This steel piece features three initials interlocking in the monogram style, bordered with a circle to bring it all together.

To order this sign click HERE!

white-parker-use-it.jpgThe Circle Vine Monogram Sign is our best seller!  This versatile design looks great anywhere! The metal material allows this sign to be hung outdoors with no rust, and indoors too. Looks great in a family room, on a front door, on a barn, in a nursery, hanging from a mail box…just about anywhere!

To order this sign click HERE!


The Square Vine Monogram Initial Sign features one initial in a square with your family name in front. It looks great on its own, and also mounted to different backgrounds. If you’re into rustic decor, try mounting this sign to a pallet backdrop for the shabby chic look.

To order this sign click HERE!


The Metal Family Name Sign is new and improved! Accentuate your home with the addition of this beautiful customized family name piece featuring custom accents on the sides.

To order this sign click HERE!

black screws.jpg

The Classic Family Name Sign is a remake of our best seller, the circle vine family name!  The scalloped edges add just a touch of class and elegance to the original design!

To order this sign click HERE!